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Terre's Tots Child Care

Teaching children at daycareCome see what a wonderful world of fun and learning is waiting for your child! Terre's Tots provides all the elements necessary for rich, fun pre-school learning nestled in your child's "work-day' while you work. From Infants to school-age, Terre's Tots is the hallmark of high quality educational child care in the Burnsville and Lakeville area.

In order to learn and develop, children need opportunities to experience success... Terre's Tots makes all the elements for success ready and available for your child in a nurturing environment designed to foster the growth of self-esteem and self-worth.

Play skills are life skills... let's have fun learning about life!

What We Are

Burnsville daycare and child careTerre's Tots is an educational family child care in a home designed and specifically built to provide nurturing child care and pre-school education. We offer the best of a center in terms of a child-friendly physical space and the best of family daycare in terms of loving support grounded in long-term continuity and consistency of care.

Who We Are

Terre's Tots is a place where the caregivers know the ages and stages of child development and use this knowledge to create an environment ripe with optimal advantages and opportunities for your child




A Must Read...
"Almost all creativity involves purposeful play."
                      ~ Maslow


Listen with all your senses when a child talks to you. Give her your undivided attention and she will know she is special enough to deserve your focus.



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