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Self-Esteem in Child Care




Listen with all your senses
when a child talks to you. Give her your undivided attention and she will know she is special enough to deserve your focus.

Respond honestly and openly
to his concerns, requests and sharing. It’s okay to say, “I don’t know.”  Find the answers together.

Treat each child as a unique individual.
Find his special qualities and respect him.

Guide behavior positively.
Use positive guidance rather than discipline. Guide and correct the child by focusing on the behavior.

Praise every effort.
No matter the size of the accomplishment, praise the child’s attempt and any progress they’ve made.

Allow choices only when
they are really available.
Saying “OK?” after a statement to a child makes her think she has a choice when, in fact, there may not be one.

Set the environment up for success.
At our daycare we have low shelves, open bins, and child size furniture. Making activities, bathrooms, and sinks easily accessible promotes feelings of independence.

Choose developmentally
appropriate activities.

Activities should be challenging, not frustrating because they are too hard to accomplish. Watch how your child uses games and projects that you put out in the room. If they are not finished, never chosen, or left abandoned after two or three attempts, then they are too difficult and probably should be saved for the later part of the year when the child has matured.

Conversations about
a child’s development

or characteristics should be done confidentially and privately. Never discuss concerns in front of the child.

Observe and watch
children carefully.

Never interfere or offer help or advice too quickly. An important aspect of Child Care is allowing them to work out their own solutions. This helps build confidence.



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